Holistic Approach

Fig. 1 Aerial view of Middle head from the west

For too long the planning of the future of Middle Head has not involved all the stakeholders working co-operatively for agreed shared objectives.

The Cubba Cubba Project team believe that the list of stakeholders should include as a minimum the following groups of people or organizations

  • Indigenous people from all over Australia who identify with First Australians and regard Cubba Cubba as part of their country
  • People from all over Australia who regularly or infrequently visit Middle Head for recreational or tourist activities
  • There is also significant potential for making Cubba Cubba a destination for overseas visitors, as part of Tourism Australia’s national landscapes program
  • Mosman Council
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) which is now part of the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, and ultimately reports to Mark Speakman, Minister for the Environment and Minister for Heritage
  • Sydney Harbour Federation Trust (SHFT) which ultimately reports to Australian MInister for Environment <fact check needed>

The 2 Master Plans that have been produced by government agencies for Middle Head earlier in 2016 seem to have totally missed the opportunity to engage with the community early enough in their respective projects.

  • There has been some community consultation but it seems to have occurred after all the major decisions about the format and content of their respective Master Plans have already been made
    • top down consultation as dictated by their political masters, and very much reacting to negative criticism that resulted from the aborted redevelopment of the 10 Terminal Regiment HQ buildings as an aged care facility.
  • The amount of consultation between NPWS and SHFT seems to have been minimal, and the evidence of  this consultation is hard to find in their totally separate Master Plans.
    • No shared statement of priorities
    • No statement about cost sharing for future development work
  • Neither Master Plan acknowledges the role that Mosman Council maintains at Middle Head Oval and the access road down from Georges heights.

So the Cubba Cubba Project is predicated on coming up with better outcomes for Middle Head and the community by aligning the objectives, priorities, design and project planning of the stakeholder groups mentioned above.

Cubba Cubba Project